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Most Permissive Boolean Networks with Loïc Paulevé (#49)

August 19, 2020

In systems biology, Boolean networks are a way to model interactions such as gene regulation or cell signaling. The standard interpretations of Boolean networks are the synchronous, asynchronous, and fully asynchronous semantics.

In this episode, Loïc Paulevé explains how the same Boolean networks can be interpreted in a new, “most permissive” way. Loïc proved mathematically that his semantics can reproduce all behaviors achievable by a compatible quantitative model, whereas the traditional interpretations in general cannot. Furthermore, it turns out that deciding whether a certain state in a Boolean network is reachable can be done much more efficiently in MPBNs than in the traditional interpretations.

Transitions between states in a Most Permissive Boolean Network


Music: Eric Skiff — Come and Find Me (modified, licensed under CC BY 4.0).

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